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Expenses payment for Somersault Stewards - £40!!

Somersault Festival is now offering a financial incentive in order to boost steward numbers. So if you were thinking that you just couldn’t afford the fuel to get to this event then this may be good news for you. Each steward will receive £40, as long as they complete their shifts as agreed.

Somersault is a new festival that may break the mould of UK festivals. Organised by the same promoters as Wilderness, they are promising a whole new festival experience describing it as “a five-day summer camp of music, adventure and outdoor living in the heart of the South West”.

The event looks to be an adventure holiday with a festival atmosphere on the extremely picturesque Castle Hill Estate, near Barnstaple in North Devon.

Alongside the music, with headliners such as Jack Johnson and Ben Howard, there will be workshops and activities. They are offering excursions, field trips and seaside adventures!

We are very excited about stewarding for this one – it’s looking like a refreshing change form the usual festival format.

To steward at this event, you’d need to be on site on Wednesday 16th July; the event finishes on Monday 21st July.

So if you haven’t already signed up, take another look and tell your friends!

Secret Garden Party sold out...but you can still be there!

Secret Garden Party Green Stewards

So the Secret Garden Party has sold out! This event has gone from strength to strength which is no surprise to anyone who’s been. It’s a wild, extravagant full-on party experience – a favourite on the Green Stewards summer calendar. The good news is that there’s still an opportunity to get to the event, by working for your ticket with Green Stewards.

We are also offering an opportunity to do a Spectator Safety NVQ. You’d arrive at the event early to do the training and then you’d be ready for assessment during the event. More info on the NVQ on this link.

Stewarding shifts are usually 6½ hours long and we provide 24/7 cover whilst the event is running. You would work 3 shifts. To sign up, you’ll need to be over 18 years old and pay a deposit of £200. The deposit will be returned as long as you complete your shifts as agreed (minus an admin fee of £10). To sign-up, click on the register button to set up an account; log-in and opt-into SGP to pay your deposit.

If you have never done stewarding before, it’s a great way to experience a festival. OK, so you have to work for your ticket, but stewarding is sociable and can be really rewarding – it has to be one the best festival jobs! If you can’t persuade your mates to come to Secret Garden Party, don’t be put off – at every event we have stewards who come on their own – you will hook up with new friends really quickly. Whether you come as a group or alone, you’ll find Green Stewards to be one of the friendliest organisations to work with.

More stewards needed for High Definition on 5th July.

High Definition Festival

We still need more people to do paid work at this event – the great thing is that you’ll get chance to party once you’ve finished your shift.

We can think of dozens of reasons to work with Green Stewards but we’ve whittled this down to five reasons to work with us at this event:

1. Getting there is easier than you thought.
Free shuttle bus from Tunbridge Wells station. Good train service from London means you can get there for the start of your shift and party to the end of the gig and still get back to London.
2. You can camp overnight if you wish.
We’ve arranged crew camping so you can stay on site if it makes it easier.
3. Its paid work
Pay is £7 ph
4. You get to party after your shift
All shifts finish in time for you to party!!!!
5. You’re working with Green Stewards!
What more can I say!

You have the choice of an 8am start (You would finish at either 6pm or 8pm giving you a few hours to enjoy the event)

Or there’s a 10am start. (You would finish at either 6pm or 8pm giving you a few hours to enjoy the event).

The event will be providing lunch on Saturday

Shuttle Bus -there is a free shuttle bus from Tunbridge Wells Station. The buses start at 9am so will get you to the site in plenty of time for a 10am start (please try to arrive 30 mins early). The buses will be running to return you to Tunbridge Wells at the end of your shift – or after the event if you choose to party on!

Trains – there is a good train service from London Charring Cross which will get you to Tunbridge Wells in time for the 10am start (trains at 07.00, 07.45 & 08.15). Off-peak return is £18.20. There are return trains at 00.10 and 00.40 which means you can stay to the end of the event and still get back to London.

Driving: The event site is: Eridge Park, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN3 9HS. There’s plenty of parking on site.

If you’d like to camp, we can arrange for you to stay in the crew camping area. Particularly if you are on the 8am start, this might be useful but its open to anyone who wants it. You can stay on Friday, Saturday or both.

The Event
The event is High Definition Festival. This is the festival’s fourth year – it’s described as the ‘biggest freshest dance festival’ with 15,000 people set to attend. The headline act is Carl Cox.

See the rest of the line up on this link – High Def line-up

More info about High Definition on this link – High Def Web Site

Pay is £7.00 an hour. We are asking for a deposit of £10 for this event because we need people to commit. Deposits will be returned at the same time as you are paid (unless your deposit is in place for another event). You won’t be charged an admin fee on a £10 deposit. You will be paid on the monthly payroll, please refer to our terms & conditions.

How do I sign-up?
Log-in to your account on the locate the High Definition Events – note that there are two choices: one for the 10am starts and another for the 8am starts. Pay the £10 deposit and you’re in! More details will follow.


Reasons to be a steward at Alt-Fest..announcing some new perks!!!

Alt-Fest supporters t-shirt

We announced in March that Green Stewards is working with the new alternative festival, Alt-fest this year. Some of you may already be signed-up. One of the things we love about Alt-fest is the fact that it’s not just the music that’s alternative, it’s also the way they run things. Organisers, Dominic and Missy, have kept the music fans at the core of the festival from the start. They raised the funds to get the event off the ground using crowd-funding and have booked the line-up based on who the fans want to see.

Alfest stewarding perks

A membership scheme, called Dismembership, generated extra funds to help book the amazing line-up of 180 bands on 7 stages. Tickets for this scheme have sold out. However, in true Alt-fest style, those who join the volunteer stewarding team will now be given access to the exclusive Dismembers tent at the festival – making them part of the core team of Alt-fest supporters. In addition, stewards will also get one of the great Alt-fest supporters t-shirts pictured here.

Alt-Fest supporters t-shirt
Working as steward is a great way to get to a festival if your funds are a bit low. In return for working three 6½ hour shifts you get your ticket into the event and a meal for each shift that you work. Added to this you now get a superb Alt-fest t-shirt and the benefits of being a Dismember! Stewarding is sociable and rewarding – whether you come alone or with friends, you’ll feel part of the event and undoubtedly you’ll have a great time.

To sign up, you’ll need to be over 18 years old and pay a deposit of £125. The deposit will be returned to you after the event, on completion of your shifts (minus a small admin fee of £5). To sign-up you’ll need to register, log-in and then op-in to the event.


A very successful NVQ training weekend

The Green Stewards’ NVQ training weekend was an amazing success. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from those who attended to gain an NVQ qualification in the course of their stewarding work. The weekend provided a great mix of NVQ training and workshops, along with time to relax and socialise.

A marqueee is put up at the NVQ training camp

A marqueee is put up at the NVQ training camp ©Holly Streeter

The camp was held at Thoulstone Park in Wiltshire, a former golf course, now being given a new lease of life as an eco-events site. It was the perfect place for workshop activities which included bushcraft skills, foraging and building a clay oven. Bushcraft trainer Nick was impressed with the tenacity of some of those trying to light a fire using bow drills; a skill that is hard to master but everyone enjoyed learning the process and having a go. A good range of useful plants were identified around the site by our in-house expert and Green Steward manager, Susi who held sessions on how to identify and use edible plants before sending people off to collect their own samples. Some laboured hard to build a clay oven with expert guidance from Viv, using clay from the site, those involved found this a really rewarding experience.


Green Stewards learn coppicing

Green Steward manager and bushcraft trainer Nick Kendal teaches coppicing ©Pete Thorogood

In the training sessions, we delivered two NVQ’s, Spectator Safety and Customer Service. Candidates will be assessed whilst working at festivals with Green Stewards over the summer. We also started delivering our latest NVQ offering – we now have a Team Leader NVQ aimed at supervisors.

The Green Stewards management team would like to say a massive thank you to all those who attended and helped to create such a positive and friendly atmosphere. We are looking forward to seeing you all in another field sometime soon!

Here’s just some of the feedback we received:
“Lovely social weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed”
“Everyone was helpful and lovely”
“An excellent, well run weekend with experienced professional people”
“I felt so welcomed and met some wonderful people”
“I loved building the clay oven, it brought the team closer”
“Bushcraft and fire making workshops were really fun and interesting”
“Amazing weekend, so enjoyable”

The clay oven built at the training weekend

The clay oven built at the training weekend ©Lauren Whiteleaf

Green Stewards to cover new Somersault Festival

Somersault Festival

We are really looking forward to this brand new festival in North Devon. Somersault, from the creators of the fantastic Wilderness Festival, is looking like it’ll be a refreshing change from the usual festival format.

Running from Thursday 17th July until Monday 21st July, it’s billed as “a five-day summer camp of music, adventure and outdoor living”. Alongside the music, with headliners such as Jack Johnson and Ben Howard, there will be workshops and activities. With the venue being the scenic Castle Hill Estate, near Barnstaple, half an hour from both Exmoor and the North Devon Coast, the organisers are offering excursions, field trips and seaside adventures!

We are now taking sign-ups for volunteer stewards at the event. In exchange for working your stewarding shifts, usually just 3 x 6½ hour shifts, you will get chance to enjoy this unique festival without the expense of buying a ticket. You will have to pay the standard returnable deposit which you’ll get back after the festival (minus a small admin charge). To sign-up, you’ll need to register, then log-in.

We can see this event becoming a highlight in our calendar!


Green Stewards Director, Alex Lepingwell wins award for St. Paul's Carnival

Green Stewards Director, Alex Lepingwell, has won Event Organiser of the Year in the National Outdoor Events Association awards for last year’s St. Paul’s Carnival. The award went to Another World Productions and recognised Alex’s and Tom Solly’s work in making the carnival safe and successful. The annual event, held in July, promotes African and Caribbean arts, culture and history and attracts thousands to the residential streets of the St. Paul’s district of Bristol.

Crowds line the pavements to watch the elaborate costumes of dancers as they wind through the streets in the carnival procession. The party goes through the day and late into the night with stages and sound systems pumping out music on street corners throughout the area. Amongst other attractions at this vibrant community event are a kids area and loads of food and drink stalls to keep people going.

The carnival’s history goes back to the late 60′s when it was a small local event but it has grown to attract up to 80,000 people – a number that had started to threaten the future of the event, but thanks to Alex and Tom’s detailed planning and the professional management on the day, the future of St. Paul’s Carnival looks bright. The stewarding was covered by a superb team of Green Stewards who made a massive contribution to keeping people safe on a particularly hot day.

Green Stewards are looking forward to this year’s St. Paul’s Carnival on the 5th July where we’ll have a large team of stewards ensuring that things run smoothly. If you fancy working with us at the event, it’s paid work and you’ll have a busy, but, no doubt, enjoyable and rewarding day. To sign up, you’ll need register and log-in.

Click to see the story on the Bristol Post website

Click to see the story on the Bristol Post website..

Announcement: We're stewarding at Alt-fest 2014.....

We are pleased to announce that Green Stewards will be working with Alt-Fest this summer! For those who haven’t heard about this one, its a brand new alternative festival, with stages dedicated to metal, gothic, industrial and steampunk. The event runs from 15th-17th August 2014 near Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Altfest 2014

Altfest 2014

The destination for this event is the stately grounds of the Boughton Estate. According to Boughton’s official website, the location is a great favourite of visitors looking for “the expression of man’s pursuit of cultural excellence”. Well, Alt-fest certainly promises to bring some cultural excellence to the estate – with 180 bands, a big top with an all-day circus, art, workshops, an enchanted woodland and a children’s area along with other activities and attractions. We’re certainly excited about this one! The organisers are putting a massive amount of effort into this event, promising an immersive experience, saying ‘its more than just a music festival’.

That said, there is plenty of music! There’s far too many bands to mention here – but headliners include Marilyn Manson, The Cult, Gary Numan, Killing Joke along with many other well know names plus many that we haven’t heard of, but are looking forward to seeing!! For those who like to party through the night, there will be DJs keeping the music going after the live bands finish. Check out the Alt-fest website for more details.

So, if you really want to get to Altfest but can’t afford the ticket, then consider working as a steward. You’ll work three shifts but when you’re not working, you are free to enjoy the festival. Shifts are usually 6½ hours long and we provide 24/7 cover whilst the event is running. To sign up, you’ll need to be over 18 years old and pay a deposit of £115. The deposit will be returned to you after the event, on completion of your shifts (minus a small admin fee of £5).

If you have never done stewarding before, it’s a great way to experience a festival. OK, so you have to work for your ticket, but stewarding is sociable and can be really rewarding – it has to be one the best festival jobs! If you can’t persuade your mates to come to Altfest, don’t be put off – at every event we have stewards who come on their own – you will hook up with new friends really quickly. Whether you come as a group or alone, you’ll find Green Stewards to be one of the friendliest organisations to work with.

You might also take a look at our Spectator Safety NVQ course. If you come along to our training weekend in May, then, by working at Altfest, you will be able get the respected Spectator Safety qualification. If you’re interested, have a look at the details on this link.

To sign up for Altfest, you’ll need to register as a steward on this link – once you’ve registered, you can log-in and sign up.

For more information about Alt-Fest, take a look at their website on this link.



Being prepared – packing the essentials for festival stewarding.

Tent at a festival

What condition is your tent in?

The sun is shining and we’re starting to think about the 2014 summer season. OK, so its a bit early to start packing your rucksack but you might want to start thinking about what you need to get together over the next couple of months, especially if you’re new to festival stewarding. Having the stuff you need can make your festival stewarding experience so much more enjoyable.

Why not make the most of the dry spell, get your tent out and make sure its all there – hopefully you packed it away dry at the end of last season and didn’t leave food crumbs or wet wipes festering inside. Put it up, give it a bit of a clean and perhaps a coat of water-proofer. When you pack it away again – make sure the poles and pegs are in the bag, you’d be surprised how many people arrive at festivals missing, one, other or both!

What you take to a festival may be limited by the way you travel – if your journey is on public transport, it’ll take careful planning to ensure you can carry everything you need. Being ready for all weather’s is important – even if its warm, you might be surprised by how much the temperature can drop overnight so make sure you’ve got enough warm clothes along with your t-shirts and shorts. You might also pack a blanket as well as a sleeping bag. You’ll probably not think to bring gloves and thermals but if you’re working an overnight shift, you may well be glad of them.

Wellies in the mud

Dry feet are a must!

If it does rain, you’ll feel so much better if you’re dry and warm so its worth investing in some decent waterproofs and a pair of wellies. You’ll need a decent pair of shoes or boots as well (don’t forget you won’t be able to work in open-top shoes for safety reasons). One of our stewards recommends canoe bags to keep your clothes dry should your tent let water in (apparently they double up as great pillows!) but some decent bin bags will suffice. An umbrella is useful if you have space, it can provide shelter from both rain and sun. The Green Stewards ‘Love Patrol’ does the rounds with drinks so make sure you have a suitable unbreakable cup or mug for coffee. For all that sunny weather we’re going to have, you’ll need sun cream, lip balm, a hat and a water container so that you can keep hydrated.

The cost of feeding yourself at festivals can add up; with Green Stewards we usually get a meal token for each shift we work, so you might want to think about snacks that will keep you going. Biscuits and chocolate are a good way to get that sugar hit you need to keep your energy levels up but things can get a bit messy if they melt in hot weather. Nuts and dried fruit make a good alternative. One of our stewards recommends popcorn. If you can carry a camping stove, tinned food can be a good way to bring food that won’t go off. Don’t forget the tin opener though! Even without a stove, if you can stomach it, cold baked beans and rice pudding can make a reasonable festival snack.

Its always worth having loo paper – we’ve been given a great tip, collect a number of rolls that are near the end so you have have several part rolls to take; this will mean that if you drop one in the mud or ‘lend’ it out, you’ll still have spare! Gaffer tape is always useful – from fixing tents to clothes – one suggestion we’ve had is, rather than take the whole roll, wrap some round a pencil so its easy to carry.

Don’t forget your toiletries – including deodorant! Some people find wet wipes are a good way to keep fresh but with a small plastic bowl and flannel you can have a more effective wash and its much more environmentally friendly too!

For a bit of extra comfort, a sleeping mat can be useful; some people go further and bring blow up mattresses. A camping chair or small fold-up stool can also be great, especially if the ground gets wet but a decent plastic bag can work equally well.

Other essentials include a torch (for your stewarding shift and for finding things in your tent), pen & paper (to note things down whilst you’re stewarding), phone charger, hand sanitiser, prescription medicines, over the counter medicines (such as headache tablets), plasters (useful if your boots rub), a small bag (to carry snacks and spare clothing).

Don’t bring anything valuable – if you have a phone and camera, keep them with you at all times and when you sleep, keep your valuables in your sleeping bag with you.

Think about the environmental impact of your what you bring; try to get stuff that will last and look after it. In recent years, after every festival people abandon tents, sleeping bags and camping chairs, often trashed and left lying with the rest of detritus that they’ve produced over the weekend. As stewards, we should set an example and leave our camping areas clean and tidy.

I’m sure there’s lots of other things that people might add to their own lists of essentials but I haven’t yet mentioned the most important things: bring good vibes, your sense of humour and a smile! If you’ve got the practical things sorted, you’re likely to have all these in tact at the end of the event.


So how does the Spectator Safety NVQ help a festival steward?

Over the past few years, several hundred people have successfully achieved their Spectator Safety NVQ with Green Stewards. This is a nationally recognised, and well respected, qualification which covers everything a steward needs to know to carry out their role.

So, as well as being really useful, its a nice addition to anyone’s CV.

 A Green Steward checks wristbands to a back stage area

A Green Steward checks wristbands to a back stage area

The course is comprehensive and includes things like your basic duties, dealing with crowds, managing conflict, communication skills and what to do in emergencies.

A lot of people don’t appreciate how important stewards are at festivals. At most festivals, stewards will provide cover 24/7, ready to help in a range of situations. As a steward, you are likely to be the first person that people come to if they need something. Most of the time it’ll be simple requests for directions or event information. As the ‘eyes and ears’ of the event, you’ll have a two-way radio to report things that need to be dealt with, which may be anything from loos that need servicing or over-flowing bins, to over-crowding or occasionally there may be situations where you need to get help from medics or security. There’s a whole host of other things you might do such as checking wristbands, stewarding parades, controlling entrances & exits of venues and loads more. Its a varied role and, for the most part, the job is rewarding and enjoyable.

The NVQ will give you confidence and you’ll be ready to deal with anything!

So how do you get qualified? We are organising a training weekend in May. You’ll get to camp on a beautiful site in Wiltshire and for the bargain price of £30, you’ll get fed and trained for the NVQ. During the training you complete a workbook covering all you need to know. You’ll also get the chance to learn some bushcraft skills and it will be a great opportunity to meet with others who you may be stewarding with during the summer.

Having completed the training, you’ll need to sign up for at least one festival with us, during which you’ll be assessed a couple of times by our friendly assessors. After your shifts we’ll get you to fill out some report forms and collect some witness statements which all count as evidence for the NVQ. The process takes a little commitment but its not too onerous.

If you are at all worried that you might have problems with the course, remember that qualification is based around your ability to do the job, we have had people of all ages and ability levels complete this, including people who haven’t studied for many years, some with no previous qualifications and many with dyslexia or other barriers to learning.

If you are interested, have a look at the full details and get yourself booked onto the training weekend! We look forward to seeing you there.

Details of the training weekend are on this link…

Full details of the NVQ are on this link…

Just some of the great feedback we’ve had from previous courses:

“It really gave me the extra boost of confidence to do what I was there to do; help the festival goers, make things runs smoothly and happily,….I had so much fun during the course, not least because of our fab teacher, and we became a tightly knit little team of stewards, and foremost friends!” Laura

“My NVQ not only gave me work in some fantastic events and I met some amazing friends it also inspired me and gave me the confidence to go get other event related qualifications.” Loz

“the NVQ was easy, educational, fun in a field.” Mel